In order to maintain the natural color and shine of the silver, to prevent it from becoming dull and and oxidize, clean your jewelry regularly with a special cloth for gold and silver.

After some time, your jewel will need an ultrasonic cleaning.

A process that consists of immersing the jewel in a bath of hot vibrating water that will extract the dust that clogs the settings and stones. Silver is a fragile metal, so we recommend that you do not put it in contact with corrosive products, especially bleach. It is best to remove jewelry before entering a hot tub or pool. 


Gold should be cleaned regularly to maintain its beauty and shine. A special gold cloth (available from your local jeweler) will help maintain its shine. It is best to remove jewelry before entering a hot tub or pool. 


Diamonds should be kept separately from other jewelry, preferably in their original packaging, or independently in a box with a surface that will not scratch the metal or stone.

To maintain the natural brilliance of the diamond, clean your diamond using warm water, a little diluted soap and a very soft toothbrush. Gently brush the setting and the stone and rinse thoroughly. Dry and polish with a special gold cloth. 


Pearls are very delicate and will be permanently damaged if you use cosmetics containing alcohol and acids directly on the pearl. Apply your perfume and cosmetics and let them dry before putting on your jewelry. Do not use jewelry cleaning solutions if they are not intended for pearls. Of course, keep your pearls in a separate jewelry box from your other jewelry. 

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