Ring Size Conversion Chart

Use our ring size conversion chart below to ensure you choose the right size for your finger.


Ring measuring tools

1: Check once printed that your tool is to scale. To do this, measure the inside of a circle and check that its diameter corresponds to the diameter indicated inside the circle.

2: Get a ring that fits you perfectly, on the finger you have chosen. Place the ring on the circles and note which one fits best.

- choose a perfectly round ring, sometimes the rings are twisted or damaged.

- if the ring belongs to someone else, check that it is worn on the right finger and that it is comfortable.

- Use this tool to find out the approximate size of your finger, for a more accurate measurement we suggest you visit your local jewelry store or visit us at the shop.

- Utiliser cet outil afin de connaître la taille de votre doigt approximative, pour une mesure plus exacte, nous vous suggérons de vous rendre à votre bijouterie locale ou de nous rendre visite à l'atelier.