The inspiration photos presented on this site are the product of collaboration between various photographers, models and wedding artisans. You will find here the list of these talented entrepreneurs and artists who have contributed to these poetic and inspired visuals.


Clarisse & Johan, Jeremy Be, Jessica Jager, Marion-Roudil, Sandra Malbequi, Elise Morgan, Lora Barra, By Chesnel, The Cutie and the Geek, Lika Banshoya, Jeremy Ferrero, Pinewood Wedding, Gert-Huygaerts, Greg Reego, Sébastien Boudot, Tatyana Chaiko, Roberta Facchini, Purewhite, Less is More, Ludovic Film Photography, Anne Scherrer Photography


Julien Matha, Amandine Poisson, The Scissors of Marie, Beautiful as a truck, Amandine Baron, Audrey Denjean


Love and Decoration, Véronique Pépin, Julie Guittard, Tepee Sauvage


Jeevan Wedding planner,Wanderlust Wedding, Despinoy Wedding


Chateau Saint-Georges, Hotel du Couvent Royal, Chateau la Napoule, La Bastide du Roy, The Manor of the Pond, The mas of the Counts of Provence, The Dojo, Miramar Beach Hotel, Château du Vivier
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The photographs on the site may not be used or reproduced without permission from Alice Magnin and the photographers who created them. If you would like to collaborate on a series of photos, do not hesitate to contact us.

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