A few steps from the workshop, in a historical place of the village...

It is in a summer afternoon that we settled down in the old village "lavoir", the antic wash house, freshly repainted, to enjoy its soft light.

Half darkness, half light, its freshness offers us a moment suspended in the Provencal atmosphere where we happily mix jewelry, accessories and clothes.

Guadaloupe wears our new creations for the occasion. The Eve ring, beautifully sculpted with plant motifs, the Solidor ring and earrings with minimal shapes and unique texture. And our favorite, the Leonora ring, set with diamonds. Also a magnificent lamé silk dress designed and created by the creator of Marynéa in Antibes. This one is accompanied by a plant crown made by my friend and artist Véronique Pépin.

A combination of poetic and dreamlike elements that blend perfectly with the sobriety and simplicity of this historical place in the village.