Alice Magnin trained in the art of jewellery making at the famous English art school of Central Saint Martins. She then moved to a workshop in Hatton Garden, London, where she designed and made jewellery collections that were sold around the world, notably in Japan, China and England.

Her experience and taste for travel led her to work with various players in the world of jewellery, in Istanbul and Oman where she made a set for the 68th birthday of Sultan Qabus Ibn Said.

Her eleven years spent in London have given her a creativity and unconventional know-how far from the standards of traditional and industrial jewellery. 

Today, her workshop is ideally located in the Espace Solidor in Cagnes-sur-Mer. She develops her personal collections as well as unique pieces.

C'est à la fameuse école d'art anglaise de la Central Saint Martins qu'Alice Magnin se forme à l'art de la bijouterie/joaillerie

Enhance finely worked imperfections

Poetry lies in the unexpected, not in the mechanized perfection of mass-produced items. To wear a handmade piece of jewellery is to infuse an element of grace into the heart of our history.


Inspired by ancient jewellery techniques such as granulation, lost wax casting, lamination, each piece seems to come out of an archeological dig.

My collections celebrate precious metals, gemstones and the age-old craft of jewellery making. The work of texture, colors, the taste for the detail of the unique object, handmade and far from the current standards of perfection.

Each piece of jewellery highlights the asymmetries, cracks and porosities, all small testimonies of the meeting between the tool and the material.


Graduate of the CSM

The first steps in the world of jewellery, three years of study in London to obtain my degree at the Central Saint Martins.

French Riviera

Back in France

After eleven years of work and experience in London, I moved to the south of France.



Artist in residence in the city of Cagnes-sur-mer, City of Arts and Crafts in Contemporary Jewellery. I set up my current atelier to develop my gold jewellery collections.