"Imagine a chest full of jewels. You plunge your hands into it and discover a multitude of jewels set with glowing stones and lustrous pearls.

You pick out a ring engraved with a date and flanked by an octagonal emerald. You admire the finesse of its chiselling and note the particularity of its motifs. Then, as you approach, you plunge your gaze into the garden of the water green stone, the geological history of our planet.

Now imagine ridding this treasure of soil contamination caused by mineral extraction. Clean it of conflicts, due to the diamond trade, remove the exploitation of local populations. Get rid of the greedy industrialists who produce soulless and poetic objects by the thousands.

Once finished, come back to your ring, it will tell you its story. A story of infinite love between two beings, a journey into the depths of the earth, the meeting of tool and matter. Perhaps the story of your ancestors?

I invite you to seek harmony in your choices, to create a unique piece of jewelry, consciously made by a craftsman sensitive to the beauty and fragility of our planet. By using precious materials that are part of the gold reserves that have already been extracted, by valorizing and recycling metals, I offer you jewelry that has no impact on our planet. Jewelry with high sentimental value that you will want to cherish, wear and give to your loved ones."

Alice Magnin


With no impact on our planet