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€380,00 EUR

18 kt gold earrings with salt and pepper antique cut diamonds (the facets of the diamonds are on top of the stone). The stone is surrounded by ornaments of the granulation type once used by the Etruscans. Antique and simple style ideal for gifting loved ones and yourself, a piece that is easy to wear and cherish on any occasion.

Composed of melee gold and salt-and-pepper diamonds in rose cuts, the Dune collection is crafted using ancient techniques such as forging and granulation. Its soft shapes and matte and irregular texture build jewelry that seems eroded by time. Inspired by the deserts of the Middle East, this collection is made up of small editions for everyday wear and unique pieces.

Trained jeweler Alice Magnin creates unique pieces and small editions of precious jewelry. Inspired by ancient jewelry techniques such as granulation, lost wax casting, each piece seems to have come out of an archaeological dig, celebrating precious metals and fine stones.


18K Gold


Pepper and Salt Diamond

Shape: antic rose

Size: 2mm

Tous nos bijoux sont soigneusement fabriqués à la main dans notre atelier et requièrent une période de fabrication de 2 à 6 semaines selon la complexité du bijou.

Si vous souhaitez un envoi rapide, nous vous proposons une sélection de pièces prête à l'envoi dans la section "Prêt à l'envoi".

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